COVID-19 Gets to Africa

The year 2020 that we all welcomed with great anxiety to upgrade academically, socially,economically and soon take on a step into the future of our lives has turned out to be a great threat to the whole of mankind .

Well ,not even yet into the middle of the year thousands of innocent souls have succumbed to to the wrath of the Corona Virus Disease of 2019 ( COVID-19).The source of the virus is still unknown officially to the rest of the world.A number of claims have been put across to account for it’s sudden appearance.Through social media platforms, people urged that this could have been a Bio-Weapon that escaped from Wuhan Medical laboratories; others claimed that this could have arisen from the un selective consumption of sea foods,snakes and bats. The COVID – 19 came to be declared a Global Pandemic by WHO after China had registered an increase in the death toll from (170-7711),this then raised anxiety for all the Africans in the affected countries to run back home .

The rumours kept spreading over the internet that the African blood seemed resistant to the virus as there were no confirmed cases for the African race .Well this was disapproved as most African from affected countries started to test positive for the Corona virus an indication that the wrath of the virus had come home and this was noticed with an increase in the number of registered cases in South Africa ,Egypt ,Kenya and Rwanda.

The COVID-19 has wrought havoc in a number of sectors;sports, businesses,transport and social events. The international sports did not escape the effects of the pandemic,the Euro2020 had to be postponed ,now Euro2021 as well the 2021 Afcon qualifier matches suspended for a while. The Olympic games meant to take place in Tokyo ,the capital of Japan as well did not survive as well and we’re postponed to 2021 .A number of sports personnel were found to taste positive for the virus The Arsenal head coach; Mikel Arteta is an example .

Governments all-over the continent are battling the pandemic through temporal ban on social gatherings,sports activities,burials, weddings,music concerts and public transport a means to curb the rapid spread of the deadly virus within the population. Well this virus doesn’t discriminate; young or old, doctor or politician,we are all susceptible but then it’s upon ourselves to abide by the given guidelines .A current slogan “Stay home to save lives” has encouraged self quarantining to reduce the spread of the virus otherwise we are all at God’s mercy right now. A number of scientists, healthy expects,are working day and night to get a vaccine or possibly a cure to eradicate the virus. As this struggle goes on , the number of victims worldwide keeps growing each day with similar signs and symptoms of fever,soar throat difficult in breathing,organ failure,which could result to death if ones health is already weak . The contraction through personal proximity with an infected person has raised threats,the different African governments have laid out measures to prevent the spread of the virus.As for Uganda, even before the appearance of a single victim the president,H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni called off social gatherings, wedding ceremonies, church services, political meetings,burial ceremonies,all schools and institutions of learning were closed. Precautions and guidelines of washing hands with sanitizers or soap, avoiding kissing, hugging and unnecessary touching of our eyes and the nose also the practice of social distancing is encouraged to reduce the risk of contracting the infection The virus is contracted through inhaling droplets from coughing, sneezing and touching a surface containing drops of mucus from an infected person,a reason to frequently wash hands with soaps and sanitizers of about 60% alcohol content. Well , with declaration of cases of Corona virus victims,the Ugandan president decided to ban public transport,closed the borders,all boutiques,the airport was closed to all passenger planes. Well in this struggle to fight the virus , the music industry is not sitting back, Robert Kyagulanyi a Ugandan presidential assipirant has come up with a song together with Nubian li to sensitise the nation on the pandemic.Watch here

Stay home ,save lives.

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The African Woman

In every part of the world, each person,tribe, group or section sees feminism in their own perspective. The identity of an African Woman is a broad concept for one to grasp as a whole

Well, gone are the days when being female was a card to minority in society.The woman of ancient Africa was nothing much but just a property for her husband, despised, mistreated and commanded just like a meer slave girl and worst of all forbidden from fattening food of then ,the fowls and eggs as it was believed these could make them impotent.

However the African Woman has taken on a modern trend. It’s in this modern era that the African Woman has bravely embraced the tasks of taking on hardships , struggling for an independent living. Of recent African Women are bosses to male and female workers ,More still the present day African Woman is taking on responsibilities in the different Parliaments . The once so called masculine jobs nolonger block the prosperity of the current woman,brick laying, motorcycle services,extensive farm work and whatsoever.The woman of today is highly competing for a social equality.

With the changing norms ,the demand for gender balance has seen its roots growing firm in the emancipation of female allover the continet.

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African lip plates

Well here is another fascinating custom among a few sections of Africans. It was pretty an amazing practice to the white man picturing how human lips are extensively enlarged to fit plates.Inner sources revealed that the practice originated from the slave trade era, according to the theories from a number of researchers the practice was a form of disfigurement as ordered by local chiefs, elders and clan heads to disbeautify the African femalesIn all ancient societies,women were a treasure and all had to be done to save their previous daughters and mothers from the ruthless slave trade looters . However the practice is seen to stand to date ,well further researchers reveal the significance of the lip plating a mark symbolising maturity .Well,at maturity the size of the plate dictated the size of bride wealth

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African Makeup

Once again I bring you another wonder ,Africa a continet endowed with a variety of cultures, traditions and amazing perceptions of beauty. Male or female,the make up could suite any gender depending on the tribe, community,or section of people.For the male counterparts,the facial designs could be of military advantage just like among the Zulu of Southern Africa who take advantage here to send waves of cowardice amongst the enemies however it could as well be a sign of beauty as the norms could tell. To some groups, facial makeup is a sign of maturity as the young ones get to puberty to distinguish boys from men and also draw a clear line between girls and the mature women ,the so called ripe fruits of society.Well the different face painting could be status indicators elsewhere distinguishing between royals ,nobles , peasants and slaves . Also ,they could be a reward from cultural leaders as a sign of ones archivements,the more the archivements the more the facial designs ,a common practice among the Yoruba of Northern Western Africa

The African Elephant

Africa a home to the largest land beast ,the African Elephant. Loxodonta,a dwellant of the Sub_saharan Africa, Central and West African rain forests and the Sahel desert of Mali The African giant Elephant a cousin to it’s Asian counterparts is quite amazing because of consuming over 200-300 pounds of grasses and branches ( twigs) within the grasslands and the tropical rainforests ,a reason for the existence of the two species , the Grassland or Bushland Elephants then the Forest Elephants of the Tropical rainforests of Africa .The Grey skinned,large eared African Elephants live in groups of families and relatives ,well gifted with a complex and extraordinary natural intelligence good enough to recognize distant relatives when they get to meet up at stream and drinking points where they quench their thirty in the hot seasons . With their trunks,they suck water not only to drink but also cool their large bodies .Still with the trunks blow up dust onto their backs for protection and cooling Meeting at the streams is a moment for the youth Elephant to exercise their young muscles in fights to prove their worth an maturity. The uniqueness of this beast is pretty amazing ,the African Elephants have got a sense of emotion,each time they stop by a lifeless comrade to mourn it’s death. Meanwhile the (60-70) year life span of this Earth dwellant is under threats of poaching for tusks and as well increased habitat loss following rainforest and grassland destruction for farming However their declining population in the 37 African homes is under serious control by the wildlife conservation bodies Africa a land of beauty

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Beauty in Africa

Well, I once tasked my mind to picture the stunning beauty in Africa,the tropics,deserts and whatsoever corner holds fascinating scenaries .From the historical records back then The white man’s curiosity into the so called “dark continent” opened up it’s magnificence to the rest of the world .A land of mind blowing adventures ,the ancient pyramids of Egypt ,the ancient material cultures for the different tribes ,the thick rain forests of the tropics and the great mountains of Africa in the North , South ,East and Central Africa

What could beat the beauty of nature? Africa a home of eye catching fauna ;the kobs , Eastern Bongo,the Okapi, Mountain Gorillas, African Gray parrot,the kuddu bull ,white rhinos of the Savannah. A motherland holding a captivating beauty of the sun at dusk within the tropics

A land of fresh flowing Waters of the Nile river,Congo river,Orange river and large basins of lakes ,a home of fresh water fishes; Nile perch and the Tilapia

A holiday in Africa is worth an adventure to the land of natural treasures

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